Thursday, September 30, 2010

woodlawn blue

This is the post that Tumblr ate, provoking the end of our tumultuous relationship.

Before putting our new old home on the market, the former owner painted the entire interior of the house. And she painted it all one color. One very neutral, very creamy color. It is a nice color, but it is just way too much of a nice thing for this Benjamin Moore-visiting, color swatch-perusing girl, paint scheme-mulling girl.

So as I posted over at the old blog, I'm getting my color fix in the foyer. Yesterday I visited my friends at Benjamin Moore and picked up a can of Aura in Woodlawn Blue. The photo above from the pages of a somewhat recent West Elm catalog is fairly accurate. I think the real color is a little bit more gray-toned.

Anyway, here is my inspiration photo from Pottery Barn:

The return to Blogger.

Sorry, Tumblr. I was somehow convinced to give you a try by my Tumblr-savvy husband. But I don't get you, Tumblr. I just don't get you.

So I'm back to Blogger. Hi there.
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