Monday, October 11, 2010


It may be have been the lifting of heavy objects during our move, the stooping over my not-quite-toddling toddler as she's learning to walk, or the sitting at my computer which was on a short and ergonomically-incorrect table. Maybe it was a combo of the above, but my back is killing me.

It is slowing me down.

We did make some progress with unpacking more boxes, assembling an Expedit bookshelf (not the big one which scares me), and some reorganization of furniture (more heavy lifting!) So things are feeling better and a bit more settled around here.

My computer has been relocated to the living room and this was my view this afternoon. You can see that my cat has had no problem settling into his new digs.


  1. What color yellow is that???

  2. It is actually more of a light beige, albeit a yellowy beige. It is the color that every wall of the house is painted! I don't know what it is though.


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