Sunday, October 3, 2010

Martha, please help me get organized.

We've been slowly moving in and spending most of our time getting the old house ready for being a rental. Surprisingly taxing, it has taken almost every moment of my spare time. Those few other moments that I've had (like this one, and I really should be unpacking or doing something useful) I've been looking around online at sources which might help me get a little more organized. Of course, this leads me to Martha Stewart. I love the woman's eye. Her color schemes are great and she does have a ton of really useful ideas. (The woman herself has always struck me as strangely uncharismatic. But I guess that is neither here nor there.)

It is the little things like these hooks on the inside of a broom closet that are such genius. It really does make things so much easier when everything has its place. Now I need to create those places.

I know it is as likely that our garage would look this great as it is that my husband would wrap up a hose so neatly. (To be fair, neither would I.) But still it gives me some hope.

Uh oh, baby is up and chattering.

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