Thursday, October 7, 2010

Your days are numbered, trees.

I'm usually the last person to get excited about chopping down a tree. I love trees! Seriously, trees rule.

But despite driving past our house a million times before I spotted the For Sale sign, I had never even noticed it. It is situated within a grove of overgrown shrubs and arborvitae. I never knew arborvitae could get this large, and even our arborist seemed a little impressed.
 Is there a house back there?
Look how tall they are! They tower over our 2-story house.

Looks like these bad boys, plus their little shrubby friends, and their pal juniper Joe are all coming out some time in November. I am pretty stoked to actually see what the front of our house looks like.


  1. Hi dulcie, nice to have you back. Being a tree fanatic myself, I know when they gotta go. What's the point in fixing up a house if you can't see it right? Although judging from what I can see of it, looks to be in pretty good shape. Can't wait for the reveal.. Congrats! :)

  2. Hey Omar! Glad you stopped by... and yes, these trees just have to go! Now I'm off to catch up with your foursquare.


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