Saturday, November 6, 2010


(I've completely lost all creativity as far as post titles. Oh, wellsies.)

Yeah, so we went off to the door store today to look into replacing one of the doors into our family room. There are currently no doors on the family room, but we do have the two doors that used to be there stored in the garage. One of the doors is an adorable, slender five panel door which matches all of the other doors in the house. The second door, however, is a crappy slab with el cheapo hardware. And this is the door that is right off of the front hall! What were they thinking? Blah.

I propped it up to see if it is indeed the right size. Barf.

So we perused the salvaged doors at the door store and we are pretty sure we're going with one. It is $50, which sounds about right. They'll trim it down to match the door above for $15 so we're sure it will fit. Yay!

Then comes the actual work that I have to do. (I hate work!) I'll have to sand and lacquer one side of the door (the side that leads into the front hall) and then scrape, scrape, scrape and repaint the other side. I'm hoping to have the door specialists tell me exactly what to do, step-by-step, so I don't totally screw it up.

Meanwhile we need to get our hands on some hardware. All of the hardware in our house looks like this (Art Nouveau):

Or like this (Art Deco):

I'm partial to the Art Deco style myself, although you can see on the doors that have this style that they used to have the Nouveau (you can see the curvy outline surrounding the new(er) knob.)

Well, either way, I'm looking online and thinking that to buy a new set of either of kinds of hardware, or a new old set, is going to cost an arm and a leg. Bah! I can't find the exact type of Art Deco. I can find similar but in a different finish and with a different knob. Poo.

If anyone has a lead, I'd appreciate it.


  1. We have had good luck looking on ebay in the past.

  2. I second ebay. Charleston Hardware has an impressive selection and prices, but I've never actually ordered anything, so I can't speak to quality.

    It looks like they have some Deco-like stuff similar to yours, though not with the same pretty patina. :)


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