Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the great unveiling

Yesterday I got some seriously sweet news. The tree guys would be at my house at 8am sharp to remove the trees in front of our house!

They came early and were done by 9am. It was a little like Christmas morning for me.

Check this out.

Hellooo? Is there a house back there?

Ta da! A house! A house which now is in desperate need of some landscaping. Hmmm...

Also, the weird 50s remuddle in the front is now plainly visible. Oh well... Keep looking at the good parts, please.


  1. Why, hello there, adorable house! Dulcie, it's SO cute!

  2. Thanks! I am shocked anew every time I drive up to the house! :)

  3. "Hellooo?" Hilarious! That is quite a shift.


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