Friday, November 19, 2010

paint woes

So as I mentioned in my last post, I second-guessed myself about the color I initially wanted to use: Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray. Our living room/dining room is a rather large room (well, in relation to the rest of the house anyway) and I didn't want it to be a glum space.

So then I latched onto the idea of Wythe Blue which I had seen mentioned on other design blogs and had heard nothing but praise for. I bought the little sample and as it turned out it really looked like a baby boy's nursery color. Boo! I wasn't pleased.

I went back to my paint chips and looked beyond the Ben Moore historical collection. I found Gray Cashmere. Light gray but slightly green. Okay. I bought the sample. I put it up and I actually quite liked it! But then I compared my sample on the wall to the chip itself and it seems a little off. Not majorly, but it definitely isn't a perfect match. The chip looks a smidge darker and grayer. Crap.

From top, Wythe Blue, Cashmere Gray, and Nantucket Gray

Cashmere Gray

I think I would be okay with a touch grayer and darker, but I'm bummed that I forked out my 2.99 to get a sample and I still don't really know what I'm going to end up with. Anyway, I like how pretty and wispy of a gray it is. I think it will make the space bright and happy.

Oh, the other big thing is that I've decided to paint the unpainted trim in the dining room. I know! Sacrilege! Well, I don't know how I didn't notice this before but the trim in the dining room is totally different from the trim in the rest of the house. It also looks like it has been stripped before. It just isn't that pretty. So now the windows will match the doorways and all will be well. And really I think practically any color looks great with white trim so it is time for me to just bite the bullet, right?


  1. you probably want a warm color in the living room. stay on the light side to keep it bright and stimulating. cold colors are better for bedrooms IMO because they are relaxing.

  2. I like that cashmere gray (mmm . . . cashmere). I wouldn't be too worried about the color ending up darker. As long as you're not going slate gray, even a slightly darker gray will feel more sophisticated and dramatic than glum.


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