Sunday, November 21, 2010

woodlawn blue foyer

Today as I was bustling around I noticed the sun streaming into the foyer and thought it was time to get some better photos of how it was coming along. I had also just gotten some pretty flowers from Whole Foods. I would love to have flowers displayed all the time, but we just don't have very good places nearby to buy flowers! Whole Foods is close to 30 minutes away. (And I'd go broke very quickly if I were regularly buying flowers from them.)

Okay, here is a "before" shot from our walkthrough:

It is beyond strange to me that people enjoy knotty pine.

Okay, and here is the "after" which is really more of a "at the moment"...

I am so happy with the color that I chose: Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue. It is a little bit green, a little bit blue, and a whole lot of pretty up against both white trim and dark wood furniture. 

Eventually I hope to find a nice little lamp for this table and I'm thinking about what to do for hooks on the opposite wall.

And a shot from the stairs, because it is such an enormous relief to walk down the stairs in the morning and not have that knotty pine glaring back at me.


  1. Stunning! I love the color! It looks so great with the floors, too.

  2. Gorgeous! When you finish with your house, you can come to mine. You have a great eye for color and decorating. I love the simplicity of this foyer.

  3. Great improvement with the Woodlawn Blue. I'm looking at the fandeck right now, and it can go either blue or green. Great pick.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I am very pleased with it!

  5. What a transformation! I would love to know what you used to prime/paint and how much time it took. I've been living with knotty paneling in my living room for EIGHT years thinking that eventually had have the room renovated. If a weekend of painting can create a new, fresh, updated look, I'm in!

  6. Thanks, Lea! I used Zinsser B.I.N. which is a shellac-based primer. The shellac is very important because it seals in those knots so that the sap doesn't bleed through. I did two coats of the B.I.N. and then two coats of Benjamin Moore Aura paint. I won't lie, it is a bit time intensive because you really need to get in between the panels, but I'm not sure how long it took. I was doing it during baby's naps. :) I would think it would take a couple weekends. So worthwhile though!

  7. Hello......six+ years later - first off it looks awesome. I'm w/ Lea - our whole family room is covered in paneling - we actually like it but it's time to lighten it up....No other prepping of the walls? I've read other folks saying the walls need to be sanded to "roughen" them up.....did you do this? Or just clean them up and jump straight to the zinsser BIN? Then paint? Thank you Dulcie!


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