Friday, December 17, 2010

home history

So today I took a trip to see our city's archivist and learned a few things about our home. My #1 burning question was:

Just what year was our house built anyway?

Rumor has it that all of the building records burned in a fire back in 1910, so they had to start over. Any existing structure before the fire is now considered to be a 1910 building according to public record. The archivist said that he's never seen evidence of a fire, but something happened because they definitely started over in 1910.

.... drum roll ...

Looks like our house was built in 1908! Not too far off, but I'm happy to have some historically accurate info on the date.

It was hard to make out the handwriting in the ledger, but the water records show that what looks like a Mr. Brisner requested a water permit in June of 1908 and then the house was occupied in December of that year. The next owner was a Mr. Oldfather (love it!) whose occupation was "real estate, loans, insurance."

When the house was built, it was 7 rooms, plus 1 bath, and 1 water closet, and even an outdoor lawn spigot. That is some fancy stuff.

I wasn't able to find an old photo of the house, unfortunately, but that was to be expected. Apparently if I go to the county assessor's office I may be able to find one, so that is the next step!


  1. very cool! how many rooms does your house have it way more than 7, or fairly close?

  2. Still probably the same because one of the bedrooms is now a bathroom. They added the mudroom and the foyer, but do those count as rooms? I don't think so. I also learned that Sunset used to be called "Charlotte"! Mildly interesting. :)

  3. I agree with seattlefarmette. Very cool to research the history of your house. I should do the same. I think it was built in 1936. 7 rooms plus 1 bath. One of the bedrooms was converted to our master bath. Definitely needs some updating! Wish you lived closer so you could help me figure out what to do. You seem to have an eye for that sort of thing. I'm inspired to get our upstairs rooms painted after following your blog this past year!


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