Thursday, January 6, 2011

I snoozed and I lost.


The most fabulous Stendig calendar has been gracing our kitchen for several years now. Generally garnering comments along the lines of "nice calendar" and "you must like to know what the date is." (Har, har, people. Yup, it is a big calendar.)
So yeah, it is pretty much a staple, and we can not be without it. I procrastinated purchasing our 2011 calendar until 2011 rolled around and instead of getting to pay less money, I get to pay more. Dammit! I mean, aren't most calendars on sale by now?

I normally buy it from Unica Home which I realize now is the most reasonably price retailer. They sold out, I guess, so we get to pay almost 20 bucks in shipping. Ouch! Well, at least we will know, in no uncertain terms, what the date is.

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