Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Newburg Green in the mud room.

Hurrah. My baby napped long enough that I was able to get that last coat of white and final touch-ups taken care of. Our mud room was initially the same creamy color that graces every other room in the house. A nice enough color, but I needed a little variety. Spice of life and all that.

I'd been seeing the dramatic color Newburg Green (part of Benjamin Moore's historic collection) in a few places, most notably the recent West Elm catalogs. I always like to use BM's historic palette, so I decided to take a chance with Newburg Green.

The mud room during our walkthrough:

The mud room as of this afternoon:


  1. You really have an eye for just the right color for each room! I wish I could hire you to come paint my house.

  2. oh man, that looks awesome..

  3. We used Woodlawn Blue in our baby's room. Changes in the light. So nice.

    1. Thanks, Rosemary! I loved your color palette in your old house.


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