Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stripey tins!

I have a bit of a reputation for liking things that are striped, like Breton shirts and dish towels. I also like things that are made in England, like Barbour jackets and Hugh Bonneville. 

So how excited was I when I found these stripey tins that were made in England at the thrift store? Very.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chalkboard paint in the kitchen - complete!

Wow. This was one of my quickest projects from 1) inspired! to 2) complete. All within 4 days. (This is also the moment that I realize it is my father's 78th birthday, and I had completely forgotten.)

As I posted on Monday, there was this really lovely house tour on Design*Sponge which featured the following photo. I really admired their usage of chalkboard paint.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and finally today I finished up the trim on my own version:

I'm supposed to let it cure for 3 days and then we can apply chalk. I can't wait to see what the toddler thinks about that.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chalkboard paint in the kitchen

More visual inspiration from those curators of beauty over at Design*Sponge.
This is from another great house tour. What specifically caught my eye was the use of chalkboard paint throughout their kitchen, but mostly in the above shot. I'm not sure if they just painted over regular ceramic tile, or what exactly that is above the stove and counter, but we some weird fake tile paneling throughout our kitchen. It looks like it was used sort of like a wainscoting at some point, but it has thankfully been painted over and really blends in.
I'd considered using chalkboard paint over one section, but thought that it would look really weird with the pattern of the faux tile. The picture above is making me reconsider. It might look totally awesome. Hmmm. Tempting.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A light pink room

I've been thinking about redoing my 19-mo-old's room when she is ready to move out of her crib. She is far, far from ready so it may be a while (and I may go ahead and paint first).

Here is her room right now. Of course, it is the same yellowish cream that the entire house was painted before we moved in. It is a nice room with slanted ceilings under the eaves, but plenty of head room in general.

A pink room for a girl seems very trite, but I saw the following photo over at Design*Sponge and I loved how the pink is used. Just a blush of pink:
This photo is from a D*S house tour full of endlessly lovely rooms. Definitely worth a visit.

I might even want to go lighter pink than that photo, but I just love the glow that it gives the space. I need to head to Benjamin Moore and pick up some swatches.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pendant lighting

For the first time in approximately one hundred years, we got some money back when we did our taxes. To celebrate, I'm considering getting a little something special for our house.

Over our sink there is a really ugly, silly little pendant of which I can not find a good picture. You can see just the edge of the dreadful shade at the tippy-top of this photo (Feel free to use your imagination):

I've been browsing my favorite lighting store, Schoolhouse Electric, and I've come up with a couple worthy candidates.

This was the one that originally caught my eye, the Rhodes 4. I think it is very pretty and elegant (just the fixture). I'm thinking polished nickel:
The shortest it goes is 14 inches (and then the shade would of course be extra) so I'm wondering if it might be a bit too long.
This next one is a bit simpler and can be 12 inches. This is the Union 4 and it is already shown in polished nickel. Shiny.
I think that shade is adorable, but the one I'm leaning towards for my own kitchen is this:

Ah, classic. I'll be doing some measurements and thinking this one over. I spend so much time at that sink that it would be nice to have a decent light fixture over my head.
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