Monday, April 4, 2011

Chalkboard paint in the kitchen

More visual inspiration from those curators of beauty over at Design*Sponge.
This is from another great house tour. What specifically caught my eye was the use of chalkboard paint throughout their kitchen, but mostly in the above shot. I'm not sure if they just painted over regular ceramic tile, or what exactly that is above the stove and counter, but we some weird fake tile paneling throughout our kitchen. It looks like it was used sort of like a wainscoting at some point, but it has thankfully been painted over and really blends in.
I'd considered using chalkboard paint over one section, but thought that it would look really weird with the pattern of the faux tile. The picture above is making me reconsider. It might look totally awesome. Hmmm. Tempting.


  1. I know, I loved this one, too. Not sure if you've seen this home, but it's also lovely:

    Oh, and you should totally paint Sylvie's room PINK! I'm having a love affair with the same "barely there" pink shade. See this for pink inspiration:

    Okay, I'll stop with the link bombing.

  2. OMG. I love that.. I am speechless... Total inspiration.


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