Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pendant lighting

For the first time in approximately one hundred years, we got some money back when we did our taxes. To celebrate, I'm considering getting a little something special for our house.

Over our sink there is a really ugly, silly little pendant of which I can not find a good picture. You can see just the edge of the dreadful shade at the tippy-top of this photo (Feel free to use your imagination):

I've been browsing my favorite lighting store, Schoolhouse Electric, and I've come up with a couple worthy candidates.

This was the one that originally caught my eye, the Rhodes 4. I think it is very pretty and elegant (just the fixture). I'm thinking polished nickel:
The shortest it goes is 14 inches (and then the shade would of course be extra) so I'm wondering if it might be a bit too long.
This next one is a bit simpler and can be 12 inches. This is the Union 4 and it is already shown in polished nickel. Shiny.
I think that shade is adorable, but the one I'm leaning towards for my own kitchen is this:

Ah, classic. I'll be doing some measurements and thinking this one over. I spend so much time at that sink that it would be nice to have a decent light fixture over my head.

1 comment:

  1. Great light fixtures -- wish I had a connection over my sink so I could put one in too.I'm jealous! :)


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