Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stratton Blue in the Front Hall

Over the winter I painted the front hall. Of course, I hemmed and hawed over what paint color I would choose. I was painting over the same ivory color that I have been systematically painting over throughout the rest of the house. This hallway is pretty dark, having no windows and only receiving natural light from the much-needed skylight that the past owner put in over the stairwell.
 In my infinite wisdom, I decided to paint this dark corner of my home Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue. This is a lovely color, and I think it looks really great with wood trim. It is another one of those blue/green/gray tones that I always fall for. I had visions of a stately space that could wear this dark paint color well. 

And now, I am considering painting this room white.

 Can you spot the sad golden who wants to go for a walk?

Painting this hall was one of the most arduous jobs that I have done, thanks to that wall that reaches all the way up the stairwell. It took me approximately forever, so any decision to change this color can not be taken lightly.

The pendant is something we put in, and it is the Pottery Barn Calhoun Pendant. It is pretty great, so I'm sorry to tell you that it is no longer available.

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  1. I think you already know what your hallway will look like without the skylights. It will be a lot darker than it was. Anyhow, did you push for your plan of painting the room white? I think it's a good idea. You really need a light tone to make the place look livelier.


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